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Gun Lawyers can assist with a wide range of commercial transactions including: Commercial and Corporate Reconstruction & Insolvency Commercial Contract … Learn more

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Gun Lawyers can assist with a wide range of property law matters including Conveyancing including Complex Conveyances Tenancy Disputes Contract Disputes Finance and … Learn more

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Gun Lawyers can assist with many areas of civil and commercial litigation including: Commercial Disputes, including Mining Disputes Trade Practices and Consumer … Learn more

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Mount Isa and Townsville Lawyers for Divorce and Family Law Gun Lawyers’ family law solicitors can assist with all divorce and family law matters, … Learn more

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Criminal Lawyers for Court Representation in the Townsville and Mount Isa Areas Going to Court can be a daunting experience, particularly if you aren’t familiar with Court … Learn more

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Our Solicitors Operate Across Townsville and Mount Isa to Achieve Results

With over 20 years of combined experience resolving a broad range of legal problems, there’s a good chance that the solicitors at Gun Lawyers can help you with your legal problem.

Having operated for more than a decade now, we’ve represented thousands of people across various legal fields. We now (simply because of demand) largely practice in the areas of family and divorce law and criminal law (representing clients in the criminal law Courts).  Whether you require courtroom representation, a more collaborative style approach (e.g. representation at mediation), or just some advice to steer you in the right direction, our solicitors are ready to help.

Cost-effective lawyers

At Gun Lawyers, we understand that not everybody is made of money, so we offer help that won’t cost you the earth.

Using our knowledge and experience to help people fix their legal problems provides us with more satisfaction than fat pay cheques ever will.  Although we are a business, and all businesses must aim to be profitable, we are not a firm ruled by costs targets.  As such, money does not have to be our primary motivation.  Our primary motivation is helping everyday people get through tough times without financially crippling them.  To put it simply – helping people is what we love doing. 

We are your local solicitors in Townsville and surrounds

We are north Queensland locals, so we understand the challenges and issues which are unique to this part of the world.  For instance, in Mount Isa legal problems often arise which require knowledge of the inner workings of the mining industry, and particularly the Mount Isa Mines (Glencore / Xstrata), and we possess that knowledge because our solicitors have lived and worked in Mount Isa for over ten years.  In Townsville it’s not uncommon for a legal problem to require a solicitor to have experience dealing with ADF (Australian Defence Force) matters (such as DFRDB family law valuations and splits, DVA pensions, MilitarySuper, postings to other towns, overseas deployments et cetera).  Again, we have that experience because we’ve been working with Townsville locals for over ten years, and we now have a dedicated Townsville office.

If you would like to speak to our solicitors about your legal needs, or if you’d like to organise an initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Each of our offices can be reached on our central line, (07) 4749 5292, or by emailing